02 December 2010

if time is to be wasted, this is indeed the way

30 Facts
      1. I love taking shortcuts while driving, even if it only puts me one car ahead, I feel so accomplished and triumphant.

      2. I am a huge nerd. I know random facts about Star Wars and Superheros that I don't even know how or why I know. Deep down inside, I'm a veritable bevy of useful nerdy trivia.

      3. I love the name Emma, it's what I always wanted to be named.

      4. I hate sites like Piknik, because usually the results are neon colored monstrosities from teenage girls using Comic Sans saying “BFFFFFFFFF <3<#<3”. Not a fan. ;) *sorry if you love Piknik, I know great picture edits and come from it, but for the most part it's awful.

      5. When I was younger I always wanted a secret room or passageway. In fact, I still want one. Hehe.

      6. Shoes. Scarves. Jewelry. (I really wanted three “S” words, but I couldn't think of one besides “Shiny”, but I like more than just shiny jewelry.)

      7. I have a whole notebook that I'm filling with random notes, letters, lists and doodles for my future husband. As sort of a “look” in my life for him. (yeah, cheesy I know...but, hopefully he'll appreciate it)

      8. I am a lot meaner and pessimistic in my head that what I actually am aloud. Sometimes it slips out too, usually in the form or sarcasm.

      9. Seasonal peppermint drinks from Starbucks, peppermint cheesecake tastes horrible to me. I like mints, but not to drink or chew them. Peppermint Patties are a no go too.

      10. Between now and May, I will be proposed to between 6 and 24 times by the same guy, and I will say yes every time. ;-)

      11. I don't like sugar cookies, or white cake.

      12. I always wanted to be a twin, but now I've switched from wanting a twin sister to a twin brother.

      13. I have a Snuggie, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I love it.

      14. I love to swing dance.

      15. If something is mini- I will think it is adorable. Mini umbrellas, cupcakes, m&ms, ducks, nail polishes, notepads, to-go cups....anything mini. Yup.

      16. I have the weirdest dreams.

      17. If I tease you incessantly, it's because you're my friend.

      18. My natural speed for talking is extremely fast, but I've learned to slow myself down so most people can actually understand me.

      19. I usually don't like the smell of cucumber melon things.

      20. Grapefruit is the most disguising fruit in the world.

      21. Looking back on this, I feel narcissistic because all of the numbers have “I”in them.

      22. One of my life goals is to travel the world.

      23. When I go to places, I scope out where all the exits and security cameras are. I'm such a nerd, but I feel like Jason Bourne.

      24. While living in Texas, I went to church with the Jonas Brothers. (of course, we were all just about 4-8ish years old. Lol)

      25. I'm easily annoyed by people's immaturity, foolishness and incompetence. But, it takes a LOT to get me actually angry, buuuut then there's an explosion. (lol, nooot so great)

      26. I try not to drink a lot of soda, but I LOVE Diet Dr. Pepper. It's bad. :(

      27. It annoys me when I cannot identify a smell, but on the bright side, I've gotten quite good at identifying smells. =]

      28. Sometimes I notice very obscure little details about things, people, surrounds or conversations.

      29. Fun fact : my eyes are nearly the same color as my hair.

      30. If you give me Chex Mix, I will love you forever.     


    5. Heh, no kidding. we sort of have one, but it's FULL of storage junk...
    7. really?! that's so cool. I've started a notebook for my husband, but i really don't know what to do with it. I like the idea of adding non-word items :)
    10. whaa? is there something I should know? LOL
    15. ME TOO!! i used to have a collection of minis, but it's dwindled quite a bit. i still will buy them tho x)
    30. Chex mix, huh? i like it, but i'd rather...potato chips, i think. or Reese's pieces :P

    5.YES- you guys do! But true, it isn't as exciting when it's full of junk. :P

    10. Heh, THINK about it. You'll be there for all of them too. ;)

    30. Chips are fantastic too...although, only certain brands and flavors. Whereas, Chex mix is more universal and EPIC. =]

    7. I do that too! ...Kinda..lol
    I have a blog for him..
    I love the idea of 30 random facts! It was fun to read! =)

    First of all, I have to say that almost all of these were incredibly LAME. You know it. =P But if these are the most uninteresting things about you, then you're a pretty interesting person. (:

    2. Same! Not necessarily Star Wars and superheroes, but other random things. Yay for nerds!

    10. Bahahhahaaa! It took me awhile to get it, but that was a good one.

    16. Pfftt...tell me about strange dreams....

    20. Grapefruit can disguise itself? Sweet! (sour?)

    28. Ooh, I do the same thing--notice the tiniest things at times while I miss completely obvious things. For example, I have a tendency to notice how people use their eyebrows when expressing themselves. It's quite strange. =P

    This was fun. (: *hug*

    7. That is a marvelous idea. I've started writing a journal about my life before "him" but I should put some more things in there besides my thoughts.

    9. I hate peppermint too, especially tea.

    14. See you Monday!

    15. Like the mini energy drinks yesterday? :P

    16. Yes you DO! hahaha! (or you do now :P)

    17. Oh boy, trust me, it's fun to tease you too! :)

    22. Let's go together!!!

    27. I have a horrible sense of smell. It's rather funny. Skunk, food, perfume... I can't smell it unless it's right there in my face and really strong. People say, "Can you smell that? Eww!" I'm always like, "What are you talking about?" :P