22 August 2011

Instagr.am the World

I do, to a point, agree with that statement. But, I also think that that we should acknowledge that advancements in technology and start to embrace different ways of doing things. 

I'm addicted to Instagram. 

But why? Well, one I can incessantly post pictures and it's accepted. ;P 
But secondly, because it's easy and accessible. 
Even though I'm a photographer, I don't always want to lug around my chunky DSLR, but it's easy to whip out your phone. 

The argument used to be "well, cell phone pictures are always crappy". Not the case anymore, with cell phone picture quality getting better, chances are that you can actually take a good picture. 

I love being able to take unique pictures of the most everyday things easily. 

It made me think about how much I want to travel and photograph the world. 
UGH.  (exasperated sigh) 

I seriously want to look into going on a missions trip. Last time I went on one I was 13 and I went to Honduras. That was when my photography bug had just hit, but I pretty much just took snapshots of flowers and such.  
It sounds kind of selfish looking back on this post to say "oh, let's go on a mission's trip so I can take pictures". Well, no I just would love to use my "skill" (meager as it is) as a photographer to document the world and to make connections with people. 

As Americans we're...well, a little narcissistic. We're really quite used to getting our picture taken....but a lot of people, especially in third world countries, don't often get their picture taken.    
Often simple joy can result from the smallest acts, like chatting with somebody you just met, getting to know them enough to take their picture then see their eyes light up when you show it to them.  

I don't know. I just think I'd like that. :) 

Sorry for not posting more....hopefully I shall change that this fall. For now though, I'm going to get some sleep. 


Ah, how lovely this is. :)

It is amazing how fast cameras are advancing. I mean some of them still have like a 1 mp processor, but iphones have a couple megapixels and the pics aren't terrible!

No way to get amazing photos like traveling the world :D