03 December 2011

plague and remake

Sunday: up all night because of a dull pain in my abdomen

Monday: rushed to the doctors then the emergency room because the pain became unbearable. 
Tuesday: home all day with pneumonia, on bedrest orders from doctor. 
Wednesday: ^repeat

My food has mosty been jello, pudding, and the occasional salad.

My days have been filled with sleep,movies and the above mentioned jello and pudding.

I news printed my nails! I had really wanted to use comic books but they don't work.

This is two of my four needle entries on my left arm. I was stabbed....a lot. *sigh*

I took up knitted again and had an Indiana Jones marathon.

part two of my marathon, not my favorite of the trilogy (yes, I call Indiana Jones a trilogy, there are only THREE movies *cough*)

I've had SO much tea that it probably has replaced blood in my veins.

I took a break from Indy but I couldn't give up Harrison Ford so I watched Sabrina.

Lastly but certainly not least, I've spent some much needed time in the Word. :)

Also! Blog redesign!  I'm desprately hoping that the re-design will inspire me to write here more.
(who am I kidding, probably not...but...it's worth a shot!!)