30 January 2012

beautiful black and white

I've started an obsession with black and white editing lately. 

My beautiful friend, Cassie

This may be one of my favorite pictures of Cassie ever. 

MEGAN!!! <3 

Cassie again. UGH, that face is so stunning. 

Lastly, but certainly not least, my dear friend Jenn. (check out her blog, it's really one of my favorites to read. she's a talented writer and photographer.)

Speaking of Jenn's amazing talent..here's something she took of me that day. 

And, this isn't black and white...but, I adore it. :) Sisters!!


What color filter did you use for the black and whites? I love the shade of B/W! You're so talented!


You. Are. Amazing. You crazy, talented photographer. :) I loooovvvveee these pictures so much (even if it was freeeeezing :P) Hehe thank you for all your lovely comments. I <3 you. so much.